AmCham Cambodia was founded in 1996, only a few years after the conclusion of the Paris Agreement signalled the end to 30 years of war and internal strife. Because it is precluded by local law we adopted the name American Cambodian Business Council; however, we are known to the public and our members as “AmCham”. AmCham Cambodia is an accredited member of the US Chamber of Commerce and an active participant in the Asia-Pacific Council of American Chambers (“APCAC”).


In Cambodia we have close relationships with other foreign chambers and frequently co-sponsor events. With a diverse membership ranging from large multinationals to small companies and individuals, AmCham serves as the voice of American business within the Cambodian private sector, as well as to the US and Cambodian governments.

We hold general membership meetings at least once a month, usually with featured speakers. Throughout the year we also sponsor special events, often in conjunction with the US Embassy or other business groups. During recent years AmCham Cambodia has coordinated several investment missions from other regional AmChams. These have been very well received and more are being planned. Similarly, AmChan Cambodia has sponsored investment missions to other countries such as Vietnam and Singapore.

AmCham Cambodia enjoys a close working relationship with the US Embassy. Two regular events are meetings of the Overseas Security Advisory Council (“OSAC”) and monthly breakfast meetings with the US Ambassador, to which all members are invited on a rotating basis. The Embassy also arranges meetings with visiting US Government officials and members of Congress. Of great importance is our cooperation with the Embassy on advocacy issues affecting American businesses.