Wildlife Alliance

Wildlife Alliance

NGO Member
Sectors: Humanitarian Organizations
#86, 123
Khan Chamcamon District
Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Sector: Environmental protection

Founded: 2000

Wildlife Alliance and Ministry of Environment rangers protect 1.3 million hectares of tropical rainforest in Cambodia. The Cardamoms is one of the last unfragmented rainforests in Southeast Asia.

Wildlife Alliance offers direct protection to forests and wildlife through cutting edge conservation programs. These include programs to:
● combat the illegal wildlife trade (Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team)
● patrol protected areas in the Cardamom Forest Landscape to reduce threats to the forest and wildlife (Cardamom Forest Protection Program)
● provide resources for community conservation units (Community Anti Poaching Unit; Community Conservation Support Unit)
● deliver environmental education to children and communities throughout the country (Kouprey Express)
● facilitate alternative livelihoods, including in sustainable agriculture and community-based ecotourism (Community Agriculture Development Program; Community based ecotourism)
● care for rescued wildlife, including rehabilitation and release at Angkor Protected Forest Landscape, Phnom Tamao Wildlife rescue Centre, and the Wildlife Release Station (Care for Rescued Wildlife)


Suwanna Gauntlett