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Memoranda of Understanding

AmCham signed three significant agreements or Memoranda of Understanding in 2021. The first document was the Joint Work Plan with the US Embassy Phnom Penh, which identified four areas of cooperation to work on: US Business Promotion, Policy Advocacy, Encouraging Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and Supporting Cambodia’s Female Business Community. AmCham then signed an MOU with Khmer Enterprise for enhanced cooperation in September 2021, and later signed an MOU with the Cambodian Association of Finance and Technology to support the Cambodian fintech sector and start-ups in the industry, to promote financial inclusion and social responsibility through the industry, and to raise awareness through entrepreneurship-oriented events and efforts. In 2022, AmCham signed an MOU with Aquarii BD (Cambodia) to enhance the understanding of the investment environment, business opportunity, and investment attraction to investors, businesses, associates, and experts who wish to invest and expand their business in Cambodia.