Real Estate and Construction Committee


Real Estate and Construction Committee

The Real Estate and Construction Committee serves its members and the real estate industry in developing and promoting programs and services that will enhance the Members’ businesses. The Committee hosts several networking events at various venues across Phnom Penh, bringing together the leaders in the real estate sector and providing a forum where they could meet with each other and exchange ideas. The events were popular with developers, architects, consultants, suppliers, contractors, and others. 

In 2022, the Committee hosted six networking evenings all over the city, drawing an average of 80-100 participants for each event, and they also organized a lecture by OCIC talking about the new airport. 

Meet The Committee Team

Ms. Moniveark Sou
Vice Chair
Owner and Managing Director of ChemDry Cambodia
Ms. Davy Kong
Co-Head of Real Estate and Construction Practice Group, DFDL
Mr. Thomas O’Sullivan
CEO, Director of