Tax Committee


Tax Committee

Tax is one of the most important issues to all our members, whether they are multinationals or local SMEs, and the Tax Committee works to bring together stakeholders and address these matters in the most appropriate manner. The Committee seeks to assist members in understanding tax, accounting, and audit regulations and disseminate information on new regulations on tax, accounting, and auditing. AmCham works with industry bodies, primarily the Government-Private Sector Working Group D (GPSWG-D) on Law, Tax and Governance, which is one of 13 working groups which was established to serve as a reliable dialogue mechanism for consultation between the Royal Government and the Private Sector on investment climate issues ranging from long range policy to day-to-day operations to encourage private sector initiatives. The Tax Committee Telegram group shares new prakas and information among members, and it’s an excellent forum to discuss tax-related issues. 

In 2022, AmCham’s Tax Committee organized a webinar on IRS Tax Filing and FATCA obligations for U.S. citizens in Cambodia, an event on Tax and Trusts, and a Tax Forum on updates and audits which boasted 300 participants. 

Meet The Committee Team

Mr. Clint O’Connell
Partner at DFDL