Education Committee


Education Committee

The Education Committee which gathers individuals from different organizations and institutions who have an interest in education-related matters. This Committee is designed to be friendly, helpful, and supportive, where Members can exchange information and ideas, and can discuss pressing matters relating to education. 

This year, the Committee hosted notable events, including Best Practice in Online Professional Education, a workshop on Studying in the USA, a networking evening, and Best Practice in English Language Learning. In order to involve as many people as possible, the Committee hosts monthly virtual meetings and invites all those interested in education to join; every month the Committee welcomes 20-30 attendees from schools, NGOs, universities, and the private sector. 

Meet The Committee Team

Mr. Cody Rogers
Assistant Head of Operations at Asian Hope International Schools
Mr. Gabriel Helmy
Vice Chair
CEO and Founder of The Capacity Specialists
Ms. Thida Sok
Vice Chair
Campus Manager at Australian Centre for Education
Mr. Casey Barnett
President of CamEd Business School