Women’s Committee


Women's Committee

The American Chamber of Commerce Women’s Committee organizes events, facilitates networking and mentorship, and engages in a variety of other activities to foster an inclusive environment that supports women-owned and women-run businesses. The committee focuses on the unique business challenges that women face, and is designed to be inclusive of everyone who wants to improve the business environment.

In 2022, the committee was formalized with a Chair, two Co-Chairs, a Secretary, and eight other committee members making up the 2022 AmCham Women’s Steering Committee. The committee worked on strategic planning and implementation of initiatives that align with the year’s theme, “Empowering Women Through Collaboration.”

This year, the Committee hosted more than 10 events throughout the year. The topics ranged from health and fitness to networking to workplace empowerment – they engaged the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and other public sector stakeholders, as well as multiple associations and members of the private sector.

They also hosted a three-month mentorship program called Empower Her, matching both male and female mentors with young females, where they provided advice for their professional growth and development. 

Meet The Committee Team

Ms. Sophia Hilario Altamirano
Cluster Director of Sales and Marketing Raffles Hotels Cambodia
Ms. May Lin
Vice Chair
CFO Manulife Cambodia
Ms. Kathryn OConnell
Vice Chair
Educational/Leader/Trainer/Consultant Speaker
Ms. Lorn Sokhiang
Vice Chair
Relationship Manager Wing Bank Plc.