Women’s Committee


Women's Committee

The American Chamber of Commerce Women’s Committee organizes events, facilitates networking and mentorship, and engages in a variety of other activities to foster an inclusive environment that supports women-owned and women-run businesses. The committee focuses on the unique business challenges that women face, and is designed to be inclusive of everyone who wants to improve the business environment.

With a strong focus on addressing the unique challenges faced by women in the workplace, the Women’s Committee will spearhead various events and initiatives. Our aim is to cultivate a supportive and inclusive environment that nurtures the success of women professionals. This committee remains a top priority for the Chamber, playing a vital role in advancing the business community in Cambodia.
This year, the Women’s Steering Committee will center its efforts around key themes such as Empowering Women in Leadership, Promoting Opportunities in Specific Industries, Community Engagement and Social Responsibility through networking and collaboration, CSR and supporting SME(s), Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and Sustainability, and Women’s Well-Being (Health and Wellness). Through these themes, we will organize relevant events and activities that align with our objectives.
To the newly appointed officers, congratulations on your well-deserved positions! We look forward to witnessing your leadership and contributions as we work together to empower women and drive positive change.

Meet The Committee Team

Mrs. Kim Tan
CEO, Grow4Growth Consultant Co., LTD
Ms. Kathryn OConnell
Vice Chair
Educational/Leader/Trainer/Consultant Speaker
Ms. Mutiah Fauzan
Vice Chair
Coordinator, MJQE International School
Ms. Hanna Bee
Co-Founder of LIFT Academy/ PowHERful.