Women’s Committee


Women's Committee

AmCham reactivated its Women’s Committee as a way to further support its members. The Committee focuses on the unique challenges that women face in business and organizes events and other activities to foster a supportive, inclusive environment to help them succeed. The Women’s Committee is vital to the promotion of the business community in Cambodia, and remains one of the Chamber’s top priorities.
AmCham signed a Joint Work Plan in 2021 with the US Embassy Phnom Penh, which was created to align on the shared goals of supporting U.S. companies trading with and investing in Cambodia, strengthening the country’s business climate, and advancing U.S Cambodia economic ties. One of the four pillars of the Joint Work Plan is “supporting Cambodia’s female business community.” Both AmCham and the Embassy are working to increase awareness of and helping address gender disparities faced by Cambodia’s women business leaders.
The Committee conducts events that facilitate networking, mentorship, and leadership, and is striving to support women-owned and women-run businesses. The AmCham Women’s Committee is designed to be inclusive of everyone who wants to enhance the business environment, and looks forward to working with all stakeholders who want to contribute to this mission.

In 2021, the Committee hosted four webinars, with the majority being hybrid, as well as four other meetups throughout the year. Members regularly communicate on Telegram and come from all sectors of the Cambodian economy.

Meet The Committee Team

Mrs. Kim Tol Tan
AmCham Vice President
Ms. Geraldine Barta
Vice Chair
CEO & Founder of American Hardwood Flooring
Ms. Socheat Chi
Vice Chair
Country Director of Population Services International
Ms. Sreymao MEAN
E-Commerce Manager at Wing Bank